To My Roommate On Her Birthday

Did you peep the date?

Too bad your birthday couldn’t come a day late!

Today is the nineteenth of April, you see,

But 4/20 doesn’t seem like your cup of tea.

However, I’m excited to share,

This poem for you aging with flare!

I could never forget your birthday,

Becuase I love you in a heartfelt way!

We all know how fun birthdays are,

Especially when you’re the star!

Time is running out!

But there’s no need to pout!

Your birthday was here and now it’s gone.

I bet you were feeling just like Jauan!*

So here’s to another year,

Go fourth without fear!

In honor of you, 

I write this out of the blue!

To bad I'm not more serious,

But anything satire would have been delirious!

This isnt the best, so tomorrow I will try again!

And everyday after then!

I must keep trying until it’s right,

I guess I will work on it a little each night!

Oh look at the time!

Into bed I must climb!

But first I must say,

There will be hell to pay.

If you don’t check this text,

I’m going to be quite perplexed.

Enjoy this again in the morning,

If not, heed this warning. 

I wrote this with love and affection,

So it has no imperfection.

I’m no true writer,

Just trying to make your world brighter!

So to bed I go,

We haven’t snuggled since a long time ago.

Sleep tight!

And don’t let the bed bugs bite!



*Footnote: Jauan Jennings after winning the Tennessee vs. Georgia game on the Hail Mary throw by the one and only Joshua Dobbs


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