My Reflection

The reflection in the pond

of the five flowers that bloomed on the bank

displayed like towers to my floor level frame.


Surrounded by the dirt and decomposed,

and the water swamping my sorrowed leaves

felt like the weights against me.


Little realized of what was beyond,

but far away the illuminating sun rose and sank,

and so I turned and redirected my aim


alternatively from the depths.

Sol's incentivizing glow absorbing and transforming,  

bringing me closer to its glory, and from the sky,



my reflection in the pond

it was more than the flowers and the sun and the dirt that still stands by my stump

with my fallen leaves which have nourished my journey.


And from my level, seen is the fallen leaves of the other flowers

more plentiful than mine, reminding me

that letting go will help me grow.




This poem is about: 
My family
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