my reflection

People judge

by the mirror's expectations.

They don't look

inside with appreciation.

Maybe people aren't

always outwardly beautiful,

But that does not mean

their souls are dull.


I look at myself

and like what I see.

But as I ponder

worries come to me.

The mirror is

a frequent place we go,

But it is not

the only place true beauty shows.


Mirror, mirror on the wall

you don't define me.

You may show

but you don't really see.

The beauty that is

underneath and hiding inside.

The kind that hits people who

look deeper like a rolling tide.


My reflection may be me

but I am more.

I won't ever be put down

again, not anymore.

I'll take that mirror

down off the wall

and break it's definition

and let the pieces fall.


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