My Reason for Living

Where is your faith?
When is it going to be enough?
Are you ever going to put your faith into me
Or are you going to continue looking into the world
For something that you could always look for in me
Even when you have lost your way I will always be there
To pick up the broken pieces and put them back together
Hoping eventually you will see how much you mean to me
Others may look for that worldly escape
But I’m telling you
I am all your ever going to need now
You stick with me and I can give you the world
This is my world and always has been
I have seen all the tears you cried
The feeling you get when your alone
When you feel like giving up on yourself
Yes I’m that feeling protecting you
To make sure I never give you anything that you can’t handle
Yes you mean that much to me
I would give anything to see you happy
To see you smile
I gave up my life so you could have yours
This was my all time gift
If I could have the chance to do it again
I would do it all over again
This endless love that I’m pouring out
Can you feel me washing away all the bad?
I am always here and always will be
You are mine and I am yours
That’s the way it has been
You have awakened me
To the love that you have always had for me
Even though it took me awhile to come back to you
I have found my strength and happiness in you
You are my strong tower and the endless power
Being drawn to the heavenly gifts waiting for me
On the streets of gold
I am all you will ever need in this world
All you have to do is look to the heaven
I’ll be there forever and ever
You have taken control of my life
Your love is nothing that I can imagine
That’s because your love is something
Bigger then this world
Is it finally enough for you to get down
To just cry out and scream my name
That you can’t do it alone anymore
Have you reached the bottom and want to come back up
Just look to me I will never leave you
Your are my child
I’ll never forsake you
Come to me and I’ll show you the way
What you have needed all along
Is my love that I can rain down on you.


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