My Quite Place

You know what is so funny ?
This question !
When people see this statement, they right away want to know the end point.
However my friends, there is no end point.
When i start this poem that what came to my mind!
You reading this poem, and wondering what the point of this poem?
You read it, who ever you made be asking yourself how is this a poem?
What is this person trying to put in words?
Let me tell you!
I have no reason to explain myself to you!
I dont have to follow any poem writing format.
This poem is about how i feel, what in my heart!
This is how i write my poem!
You made not like it, or understand it!
You made say i am not a poem writer.
You know what, that ok!
We all have our opinion on thing!
What you like it not what i like.
That the beauty of it.
God make us beautiful and special in our own way.
So go ahead and talk about my poem.
What you dont know is the fact that i am one with myself.
This is me, i am at peace in eveything i do!
Your words cant hurt me or break me.
I am forever unbreakable!
So what you say hater?
Are you one with yourself.
Are you at peace?
If not, then friends your words mean nothing!
Not now not ever.
I give you now the permission to TALK!


Need to talk?

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