My Quilt of Hope

Tue, 04/23/2013 - 13:11 -- khya18


United States
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Fill my seams with lots of dreams
Like Martin Luther King did
Walk down avenues
No need to be in school, at least not on this special holiday
Because of that man
That man there, we can do near anything
Across every race

Crochet together the different yawns of colors
Raise them high and to the sky
Now days, it seems to be pretty cool
To ride in the back of the bus to school
Thanks to Rosa Parks
You can sit anywhere
Respect education, learn your history
Give that kind lady your seat-

And for Abraham Lincoln the first in charge
He helped out our ancestors
Because of them we can remember them in a really special way
And even Harriet Tubman cause she paved the way

Take pleasure in this tranquil environment.
But it can stay this way, if you help it stay
Don't exacerbate, keep things chill

Don't let the depravity of today's society
Get in your way
All to and for our Freedom today



black history poem basically

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