My Power


While your mind sits listlessly on its throne,

mine ventures to the edges of imagination.

Opening up doors you unknowingly pass by,

taking notes all the while,

saving them for a rainy day.

My thoughts go deeper than you will ever know.

Always analyzing, always considering, always dreaming,

obsessing over the question: “what if?”

Sometimes “what if?” scares me,

for I am forever a slave to worry,

But more often it excites me.

It sends a thrill through me, engaging every part of me,

to the point that it seems real.

And when I wake, I am not disheartened

because I know that one day my dreams will be my reality.

Dripping with productivity, I have a drive that you cannot match.

I face my problems head on,

so they can’t sneak up on me from behind.

My competitive edge is sharper than a knife.

Don’t dare cross the line,

or you will be cut.

But you may never know this;

My appearance is in no way threatening,

 I let you tease me,

I let you cut me in line,

I let you have your way,

but only because I don’t need the satisfaction of winning a meaningless battle.

I am satisfied with myself,

with my own thoughts,

and with my own ideas.

So when you think you’ve won,

and when you think I’ve given up,

just know my mind is always working.

Outworking yours.

And you can never truly beat me,

because I will never let anyone make me feel inferior.

I believe that ability is something of a power,

And it is a power I will carry with me wherever I go.

Until my “what ifs” become “it was’”,

 until my every idea has been exhausted,

Until my wildest of dreams are fulfilled,

I will believe in one person and one person only,

and that person is me.

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