My Perspective of an Uncomfortable Truth

Every day I see not the land of the free

Not here where children on the streets unkind beg for scraps

Our government, the wolf in sheep’s clothing, giving the illusion of help

Their help given most to those needing none

The rest of us given the illusion of the man self-made

This is nothing compared to what I see of lies and hate

Those sworn to protect they kill without a single shred of morality or debate

They swear the murder we see before our eyes is their duty done, their “innocence” is pre-determined

By the color of skin they already see a criminal, a face behind bars on trumped up charges

I’ve come this far to tell you the hard truth while several hopeless souls surrendered to death

Tell me why, in this age, do we still demonize the mentally ill?

Yes we do have feelings still.

The hand that wrote this poem is scarred and writes from experience

Maybe I can still prick your hardened conscience

Perhaps you have seen someone in need of help and couldn’t care less


We know not the difference anymore between right and wrong

Our system of government headed by a whining child exemplifies the idea of trampling the helpless

All for the gain of worthless paper

We are slaves to paper worth not even the number it shows.


Worse still we perpetuate wars and arm the enemy we seek to destroy

America claims to be the world police but can’t even help ourselves

Until money is deposed and corruption exposed

Our once great nation will be damned to an eternal moral low.


Raise your voices all!!

Find the mic and unfurl the defiant banner

Voice your ire until the whining child with baby hands does tire

Gather the masses and storm the citadel

Shake the ground with the footfalls of the multitudes of those that are tired

Voice your intolerance of the pandemic of corruption now running rampant

Tell the ruling masters they no longer have the right to rule

We will no longer be played for fools!!!

This poem is about: 
My country


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