My Peculiar Repertoire of Hidden Absurdities


From the Forbidden Tree to the lethal knife

From absurd battles to many a worthless strife 


The human has been defined by the aforementioned fallacies

They have taken us to the depths of grief to sailing above the seas


I was the girl who tried to tear the shielding garment thread by thread

To unleash myself from the bitter sweet friendliness of my bed


From the protective outer shell I appear as magnificently glown as Benin Brass

This exoskeleton decieves; within the boiling inners I might just be the true maiden of sass


Furthermore, with legs shaking and the heart thumping the chest

Anxiety overtakes me; for thy and thy kin it is no fest


Under and Under and Under I go to progress in tearing apart the curtain's fabric

Along the way, you will see the rage; the heatedly red face, that slowly turns purple then white then green, making me look pathologically sick


Now, you have seen far too much and I begin to lose face

All I could say is downer downer downer through the protective sheet, as I anxiously pace


With one final groan and scream, I rip the final layer 

Now you've seen the fear, the anger, and the sass, what I have hidden with the precision and unfailing efforts of a professional manslayer 


You wish to see more and I yell, with such passion to allow tears to pop in my eyes, "Never!"

All I have is one thing to do: as all people I will rebuild the cocoon and stay within it---forever

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