My Past My Present My Future

This poem from beginning to end

Is all of me, now and then.


My Past indescribable as it can be

Was not so sad you see.

It was a time of innocence, living wild and free.

But that all changed, as we came in search for the “American Dream”

Time flied by

first grade fun,

sixth grade work,

ninth grade team,

To twelfth grade year when all the hard work and grades are to colleges like a beam.


Which leads us to the Present

The innocences once had, no longer held but absent

It’s because of the future beginning, as I write and wait on colleges, this moment.

I see it all from the division of

How we look like,

Where we are from,

What we believe in,

When once I was innocent and believe that this was part of being Human

Exposed to all the different stereotypes the malicious slurs

The exposure to this cruel reality was power to my life


How much can be said about the future

Only that it's being created at this point in time.

My decisions and my dreams affect my future

It is why I choose to believe that the only division that divides us


What we believe we can accomplish

Where we believe we will make a difference in life


How we get to the bright future we all seek


This poem and its ideas are all of me

And when I accomplish all my dreams and goals

You will see

That stereotypes and malicious slurs never stopped me

My Life Story is Power

And this day, this Hour

This poem is Me.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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