My Parents- Enough

Sat, 11/29/2014 - 19:14 -- Herawe


Enough, because you both have raised me better

Enough, because you are both leaving me dry

In tears and in pain,

That do not ever leave me.

Enough, because I trying, I have never paused

To forget that it is all for you both,

Even as I need to believe I do it for me.

Enough, because the numbness strengthens,

The eyes get chiler,

But tissue,tisue,

Like I have seen a pro-longed muder, but cannot move

I cannot yell help me...

And I realize I have been staring at my wall feeling nothing.

Enough, because I know you both gave up your lives

Enough, because I am making you both proud,

Why don`t you both want to see that?

Enough, the rules are ingrained in my head, why are you yelling?

Enough, I know an A grade means nothing, why do I try?

Enough, I know what is expected, but why don`t you know me?

Enough, please do not turn my sister into me, spare her for me...

And the scariest thought of them all,

I want to yell mommy, daddy, do not let me be right

Do not see your faults when I turn out right

And it is too late.

Do not suffer my sanity anymore

To apologize, and believe the clock will fly back in time for you both

Because by then, mommy and daddy

It has been enough.




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This poem is very close to my heart because it involves my parents- the two people I love most in the world and their flaws.

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