My pain running deeper than the ocean


My pain running deeper than the ocean

I don’t know what causes these motions

I’m staying strong for me, myself, and I

To break and cry I just can’t to much pride

Gets overwhelming yea at certain times

But I keep a smile and keep my head held high

Cause I know the world aint full of nothing but lies

So I depend on me and only trust me

So I don’t have to worry about nobody creep

They see my smile and they just think it’s all good

But truth of the matter is I can’t even sleep

Tossing and turning

I can’t sleep at night

Wake up every hour

Mind filled with fright

That I might not wake and wont be alright

So much stuff I did

I wonder if this the night

It’s amazing what we go through just to survive

Cause we know that we only got one life

Pain swimming in my feelings

Smoke and drink to feel numb inside

Do I need your help

No I struggle and get by on my own

More independent than I should be

But that’s how I was brought up

So it’s hard not to be

So scared of trusting in someone

that should have my back

But instead they just feed me lies and I handle it on my own

Then they show up when it’s all said and done

I swear some people just can’t never be true

Still young and seen and experienced more than an average adult

Trust issues sink into my past

I don’t relive my past

but it’s never forgotten

So it wont be repeated

I do things very cautious and pay attention to everything

I’ve learned blood aint no thicker than water

And if you take the time to look into my eyes long enough

You will see

my pain running deeper than the ocean


By: Diaslin Hill

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