My Own Mind

I never had a say
in anything.
I had to be quite,
Poor child me,
I believed I could trust him,
Was told I had to,
told he was my father.
I had to listen to him,
obey him.
That naive me never knew
how wrong it was.
He only said
"Don't tell anyone"
and I obeyed.
I obeyed those words for many
many years.
Those years were painful,
cold, agony.
I kept quiet, never spoke up,
Until I knew, until I realized,
how wrong, disgusting, vile
his actions were.
In a snap,
I was no longer a naive child.
I became aware
of his crimes,
his sins.
I remembered his words
from so long ago.
I threw his words
out of my mind
away from me.
I rebelled
made up my mind,
I was no longer gonna be a naive child
a submissive child.
I spoke to his wife,
My mother.
I disobeyed his request,
spoke up,
finally revealed his darkest secret.
He's out of the picture,
away from me
my family.
I have no regrets
I don't feel sorry.
I'm happy,
it's just my family now,
I'm able to be me
Really me now.
I no longer have to fear him,
I have a voice now.
I'm not a complaint child
Not anymore.
I speak,
My ideas,
My dreams,
My hopes,
My opinions.
I can speak my own mind.

This poem is about: 
My family


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