my own

I’ve been fighting now for a good few years.
I’ve been dying now since the day I was born.
They all told me I’d do just fine,
That I was born to be whatever they had planned for me.
I don’t want to die with someone else’s dreams.
I don’t want to live with someone else’s beliefs.
I’m sick of doing this round about dance,
I’m getting off, I’m getting out.
When you’re older you’ll understand,
Ah no, not this time,
I understand plenty about this world.
The fact we live so we’re scared to die.
I will never settle for surviving,
I will die only after I’ve been alive.
This wonderless world you base your morals on,
That’s fine with you but that’s not me.
I’ve been doing just fine,
Living like I do,
Morals and rights based in the universe,
And not at all like you.


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