My Other Half

Throughout my entire life i've had what I can't live without.

She's the only thing i'd ever need...for anything.

She, being my twin sister.

We haven't been apart for more than twenty-four hours, and we still haven't gotten sick of each other and I don't think we ever will.

Even when she only works a four hour night shift, i'm lonely without her 5 feet away from me and my only thoughts are

"What time is it?" and "It's getting late, she should be hear by now?"

I only anticipate her arrival to our house...

Having someone that knows everything about you, and they stilll accept you for who you are is very empowering.

She is that someone to me...

We have our ups and downs on a daily basis, and sometimes it's about the stupidest things.

But I could not imagine living without, My Other Half.


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