My Only Friend

I must say, it has been a long trek

I have walked far to reach this end

I have felt the grace of a cradled neck

But it was I, the one to bend


You may have heard this tale before

However differ, the taste’s the same

On a twisted path from which to adore,

Cannot remain unstained

So ever tender was its kiss

So much less was its depart

I do not wish to bore you with the list

So know only that I once had a heart

This tale must e’er be told

Melancholy as the loss

Of the part of me I sold


Quiet and weeped

I wonder how many others have been here

Am I the only the feel its steel

So tell me more, my friend

But hear me less, the ever surreal

If I could run, I would walk

If i could fly, I would dive

If I could rush, i would stalk

If only I could live, but yet have I to die


Perhaps you can tell me how my story ends

For I have yet to read its page

I fear it, dread it

My heart has since burned with the estranged

Dispersed from the components that were once arranged

Oh, tell me, my friend

I plead unto you to whisper into my ears

That I may miss the repeated years,

The years of endless nights

I do not think there is a piece left to lose

Will you hear my voice, but not my words?

My friend, I have already strung our noose.


My only friend, where have you gone?

Do you not see the tears that I have shed?

Do you not smell fresh blood upon my bed?

Nor the air that leaves my breath?

I have nothing left to give

Oh, how I’ve missed you, my friend

At last you can see

My dear, sweetest friend

You have waited for me


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