My Only Freedom

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 21:31 -- Alyddin

Thinking is my only freedom

As painful as it sounds

I cannot ditch school, drink, or speed

I do not have a weapons licenses

Or even a fishing one  

Punching someone in the face is allowed

If I look forward to expulsion

Too many tardies and I’m thrown into detention

My body is chained by physical limitations

I do not lift bro

I can’t even reach the top shelf!

When I speak I must be thoughtful

Other people have feelings too, or so I’m told

I can’t even fucking cuss


The tale is sad but true, the land of the free is just a guise

For the oppression and misery it hides

Other countries fair no better

My mind is my only safe haven in world

No limits nor filters I must control

Yet, even in the shell that is my skull

Invasions from all sides seek to steal it

Filling my mind with noise before I was conceived

To be religious and devoted to God

To reject traditional and step into the new era

To be a mature and posed young lady

To simply be another cog in the kingdom that has built up a throne of 17 trillion

I say NO to it all!

I will not have it my good ladies and gentlemen

No rules or regulations, at least not here

Anywhere else…


Yes, the mind is a lonely place, scary and dark

Still, I can dream of fairies, flying, falling in love

Or even indulge in the fantasy of ripping bloodied limbs and severed heads

Perhaps all this is impossible in this life or the next

But not in thought

In thought I am blissfully free

And it is in thought that I move this beaten and chained body of mine forward

Into the fiendish dungeon that we call society

Until I waste away

Till then I shall remain free within my mind and thought

For thinking is the loudest silence

And I will not be silence anymore 


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