My One Question

Let's get political...

I cannot make a difference,

I am young, I cannot vote, no one will listen to me.

But I will speak into the void anyway.


I am not going to talk to the void about who it should vote for.

The void is like me, voiceless.

But the void is not uncaring.

So let me tell you, all of the zero people that read these words,

I am worried.


I cannot make a difference,

I cannot decide my future,

And I am worried.

I will not say which of the candidates are better or worse.

But I will say that I am worried.

My future is uncertain.

If I could ask both candidates one question...

"What will you do to take care of my generation?"

Because my generation, kids who can't vote,

Our future is being determined right now.

And no one cares about us.


So listen well, void!

Listen to me lament!

My one question is all I have.

Because I pay attention to these candidates,

And I never hear them talk about what they'll do for the children.

Children are the most precious resource a country has.

But do not treat us like objects.

We do not belong to out parents.

We are not mindless offspring who cannot have our own thoughts until we turn eighteen.

We are the living, breathing, future.

But our lives have been put into the hands of those who don't care.


So let's get political...

Stop your mindless bickering and start worrying about something that really matters.

This poem is about: 
My country


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