My One and Only. My Him.

I have blisters on my fingers

Cuts on my heart

Cracks in my voice

Tears in my eyes

All I tried to do was sing for you

A love song


I've wrote you countless letters

My cut up heart

Bleeds out on paper

While my hands translate

Blood into words

All for you


Every night I cry;

In the depths of night's darkeness

This mistress conceals my tears from view

And I smile every morning

Especially when I say 

"Good Morning"

To you


I curl my hair

Paint my nails

To impress you

Although, when you once loved me

You said

"Even in sweats and a messy bun,

You're still my beautiful"


To my heart's dismay

You no longer

Consider me

Your beautiful


Whenever you need someone

With the speed of light I'm there

To comfort





I linger and worry until the end of time

All about you


Although when I need you

An empty room answers back,








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