My, Oh My

Oh no

Who have you encountered?  Who’s done you wrong?

Who’s turned your heart so…?

I can’t imagine what that feels like, but give me the words and I’ll try

They say they had love, but their actions speak another truth

Don’t take them at their word


Could you trust me? Could you stay a while?

We’ll have a talk, a real heart-to-heart.  I’d love to see that smile. (My, oh my)

I know Love and He’d never treat you that way.

He’s above man; He’s created night and day.


I tell you the truth, your anger means you care.

There’s hurt in walk, disappointment in your glare.

Who’s done this to you, my friend?

Who’s turned you down?

If you’ll give me time I can show you the Way.

It pains me to know that someone has led you astray.


Could you trust me? Could you stay a while?

The words they might slay but forgive them their only human. (My, oh my)

We’re supposed to be represent, be the examples, but forgive us we’re only human. (My, oh my)

My Love, my Strength, prove Yourself

Show up, show out

Gather Your lost.

I know a Love


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