My Nude Soul

I expose my soul

To the world

To the people

To my friends

To my enemies.


I tell what I feel

To whom I feel for.

I speak my mind.

I share a hug every time

I give a cheek kiss

To whoever I want.

My lips are reserved

To my true love.


I am judged

I am criticized.

I am the hot gossip

I am controversial

I am a star

I am “the everyone’s lover”

They say.


What is wrong with exposing your feelings?

Is not this part of being human?

What is wrong with caring for someone?

What is wrong with loving someone?

I protest!

I disagree!


There is so much love in me

So many people out there to love

There is so much to give

There is so much to care for.


People don’t change me,

Gossip seduces me.

I shall never be bitter

I shall never be full of resentment.

I forgive them all.


Welcome critiques

I take the constructive ones

And dispose of lies.


Tell what you feel today

Tomorrow will be too late.

Let the world know your true self

Embrace your inner state of mind.

Live, be a human, have feelings.

Feelings are everything!

Share them with the world.

~Poems by Teteoinan

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