In My Neighborhhood


In my neighborhood
its hard 2 care for an educashun
thier arent meny outlets 4 inteligent mynds
y, 4 every 1 student that gradates,
1 gets shot, nd 1 becums a tenage parent
In my neighborhood
It'S not Hard tO find a grOup of Teenagers
standing in a corner
waiTing for tHE next Minor to shoot
or recruit
In my neighborhood
Parents want the best for their children
But how can you give your child the best
When graduating from high school 
Is the most you can expect from them?
In my neighborhood
An office job is a dream, not a goal
College is a fantasy, not an expectation
Teenage pregnancy is the norm, not a problem
Death is omniscient, not to be contained nor stopped
In my neighborhood
Things could be better
 But they aren't 
Nor will they be anytime soon
And that angers me 
And everyone else in my neighborhood.


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