My name is Eden


United States
35° 29' 14.8056" N, 80° 47' 56.4684" W

My name is Eden.
I am not a garden, not even a flower.
I am a shell, a husk, a vessel.
I hold in the pain of those closest to me.
My pain doesn't stay in this body.
It escapes through the cracks and pores.
It bleeds out through my eyes until I am blind.
But once in a while I can stop the flow.
It gathers around inside my wrists;
little pools of faces.
People I love. People I need.
People I can never have.
Sometimes the pain spreads into my back.
But that's when it stops hurting.
Stops blinding.
Feather by feather, my wings unfold.
And my bones crack and hollow out.
To mach my insides.
If I look up, my heart longs for the sky.
So I let it swallow me whole,
as I lift my wings.
I am not a garden, not even a flower.
I am a free, weightless bird.



I wrote this poem after I got my first tattoo of those birds on my back. I was suicidal and extremely depressed but now i work at a Raptor Center in North Carolina and I have never been happier. I was meant to work with birds. I am entering this poem in the scholarship contest because with the help of a college, I want to open up my own rehabilitation center to help these magnificent creatures live, as they have done to me.


a beautiful poem about using sadness and pain to conquer themselves. I highly recommend trying to get this published somewhere. This is truly an authenticly-voiced, elegantly-crafted poem which i think people could benefit from reading. Thanks for sharing.


Pretty well thought out, very well written, great imagery, nice emotion as well

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