My Naked Truth


Remove the Remy, the Revlon, and skinny jeans,

forfeit the metaphors, personifications, and similes: all that is left is me.

I am soft

From my thin black hair to my fleshy thighs,

I am insecure

From too many I love yous and urgent goodbyes.

I am scared

From the anticipation of graduation to the fate of my Fall,

I am ready

From picking my major to lessening my bank withdrawals.

I am so very young

From my ignorance to my yearn for independence,

I am much more than my thick lips and wide hips

From my faith and my wisdom to my dignity and ambitions.

I am without Filter

Coming to you bare to face what I never mention.

The more I realize who I am

The stronger I grow and my secrets turn into admissions.



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