My Most Important . . .

Is it blue and black? 

Maybe gold and white? 

No, it’s the hero in sky that you consider to be a villain at sea. 

It walks with me, yet prances with you  

Its sweet tea at noon and coffee and midnight 

Its wink, flirt, date then break up 


Wink, flirt, date then marry 

Its voting, timing, deciding, questioning make that rewinding. 

Its choice 

 plain and simple 

It is Choice 

Its the choice of seeing the good rather than the bad 

Its the choice to view life the way I choose  

Whether it be half empty or half full 

Without my choice its not my life 

Id be like a robot going through detox, a draft member solider with PTSD 

Id feel like another rape victim statistic, or side of the road corpse that a drunk driver side swiped    

If I want to permanently mark my body with something of temporary importance 

It may be stupid  


its my stupid decision to make 

Republican to Democrat 

Optimist to Pessimist 

Introvert or Extrovert  

Choice is my importance, choice is my being, choice is my life   

who I am, what I do, who I like, what I see, my view to your view, your  time to my time  

Its all my choice, exactly the way it should be 


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