My Loving Family and You(Dad)


200 Loma Dr #3
United States
34° 38' 30.732" N, 106° 43' 13.5624" W

There are times when I always felt like giving up,


But I always thought about my family and I stand up and try again,


I sometimes would get hurt from others that I deeply care about,


They bring me down to the point I can almost no longer stand up,


Backstabbers, Manwhores, Boats and Hoes you name it all,


But I’m glad my family is always there for me,


At least I know they would never betray me,


But I wish the world would be so fair,


To reunite our loving family as a whole,


Money wouldn’t be an issue if it weren’t for you,


But we are happy even without you,


Having a single mother is all I need,


And 3 older brothers that could replace you,


As long as I have my family,


I’m okay.


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