My Life

Dear younger me,


You grew up to  be a young  man

Spinning in my life to see where it lands

I just want to make you understand

That I made you proud  the best way I can


It started at age  6 with hip rotations

To help me with my disability I take many medications

Almost dying not enough oxygen  death embracing

And ever since then I was off  to the races


When it came to college   I was weighing my options

Driving one way down a two-way street very cautious

I want to reach for the stars like a rocket

Oh my god did I mention that I was adopted


 They say some things never change

I follow  that comment  it's like my mantra

Legs aren’t  the same length

But  day by day I get smarter


This is a letter  that I never  wanted to send

I just want to make you proud until the very end

 Sincerely to the older you your best friend

Until we die we will meet again



The older me

The one you will strive to  be

I hope you grew up

Thank you for holding me


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this is so good:)

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