My Lady's Labyrinth

She’s locked me in this maze again
How she laughs at my pain!
I know of the sins she does commit
To escape I shall find proof of it!
Twists and turns mar the path
But reward awaits my grasp.
I make my way through twisted murk
At my back, doubtful shadows lurk.
They seek to lead me astray.
Walls of failure block my way
I must turn and try again
I cannot let this harlot win!
Insanity devours my mind.
As fiction and reality entertwine.
Her laughter howls upon the wind
It pushes me to my temper’s end.
Through winding rows I run in a haze
Consumed entirely by blinding rage.
Wall after wall I run into.
Still so far from what is true.
Spent I fall upon the ground.
As the shadows gather round.
They close upon me like a vise.
As my heart grows cold as ice.
I rise to my feet and try to fight.
Escape continues to elude my sight.
I push onward through the maze.
Ever mocking me is her gaze.
Is the end near? It shall not be.
Trapped in her web, I’ll never be free.
Shadows devour what’s left of my soul.
I must wander this realm empty and cold.
Her victory consummate, I am undone.
Insanity’s end at the point of a gun.


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