My Ink Spills Truth

every once in a while we all need an escape

from the world where we've all been placed

to give us a piece of mind and pacific state

with getting away theres no particular way

you've got those who use

and say it gives them elevation 

then you've got those who love

all for the sensation 

thats why most who are committed 

fall short from temptation 

and those who are gifted 

often use their talents to get lifted 

you see my high comes from freeing my mind

with my pen and paper

I am no longer confined 

pen in hand I intertwined 

so now everything my ink spills

is congruent to what i'm feeling inside 

if you ask me it gives the highest of highs 

and thats why I write 

doing drugs making love 

you only live once so its all for fun

but fun has an aspect ready

to shorten anyones expiration 

whats not to love about writing 

with it there's no limitation 

writing is my everything 

to me its an invigorant

its so real to the point 

any word on paper I can envision it


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