My Idea versus The World


I made an idea, a synapse in my head.

It was concieved the moment I rose from my bed.

Locked up inside, a prisoner of my brain.

That thought gave me nothing but pain

As it was meant to be free, like a canary

But alas, it was a victim of society.


In a world of dictators, knights templar, and haters.

We put down the geniuses, and trash the thinkers.

Any stray idea that breaks free from normality

Is shot in the head, and disposed unceremonially

We are so used to the bandwagon and the mainstream

So we stifle every wayward proposal and dream.


But are we mackerel, swimming around in lines?

Or are we to fly as we please, like butterflies?

Must we let governments, fundamentalists, and businesses

take full command of our minds' choices?

Are we robots who are programmed to think alike?

Or innovators, who set the whole world alight?


Galileo saw the universe in a unique way.

Yet he was called a heretic in his own day.

MLK preached equality, civil rights, and peace.

Racism and an assassin brought him to his knees.

Tupac, NWA, and Rage, they opened our eyes to the abuse.

Yet they were the villains, according to Right Wing News.


If I keep my thought in, "The Man" shouts in victory.

As it continues to micromanage society.

If I speak it out, I might not be heard.

I might be villified, shamed, or murdered.

But I might start a spark, light a blazing fire.

Bring forth change, that the whole world will admire.


No more hiding, no more secrecy, no more insecurity

Now I got to share my idea to everybody.

To family, friends, and every acquaintance,

Clerics, Exectives, and all Politicians.

No matter what happens, I'll set it free.

So that the world can become a great place to be.


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