To My Heart

Thu, 12/21/2017 - 01:08 -- jr463

To my heart,


My heart,

My heart

Why must you be so fickle!

You love Them now

No, now another

And next another still!


I'd have thought I'd gotten over You

But now who haunts me 'gain?

I didn't think I swung that way

Or I might not, I can't say!


Now YOU were someone I never thought

I'd think of as I sigh

Yet here I am, picturing your smile

Late into the night


But today I feel as'f all I want

Are the laughs and hugs of friends

Though 'morrow I know I'll be shut inside

In peace and stillness again


So why, oh why

My dearest heart

Cannot you decide

Who to love, and who to leave

Please, make up your mind!


With greatest love,

And a small bit of spite

Your confused owner,

J. R. Night

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