My head spinning round and


My head spinning round and round as I lay in

My bed to the point I want to cry.

But when the pain ends the feelings gain

To the point I want to die.

My feelings are true to my heart to you,

I want to be with you till the end.

You play the guitar, yet you live so far.

What about the love I shall send?


My heart has turned black as I look to

The back I see the shadow of you.

In that my heart begins to pound and my eyes drown

As I see an image so blue.

As the rain begins to fly

In the dark red sky.

The storm I my heart s we live apart

My heart is a lie.


I am walking down a path with my head filled with wrath

I am trying to figure out you. But I have no clue.

It is coming near to the year

To see your feelings are true.

I know we are meant to be in the world ever so low.

I would like to make things work

When though I don’t know you anymore, I begin

To emote but when I see you I start to smirk.


Waiting for the day we are united I sit in this dreaded

Place and pray. Waiting in hell.

Why have I been waiting all this time?

To sin or just be trapped in this cell.

But now we are free to be you and me.

Hoping we will always be one.

Now I know in my heart that this is a new start.

And the bad times I shall shun. 


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