From My Head to My Toes

Opening up that hotel door.
Stepping out of the world of reality
Throwing off this ridiculous need for formality
This is what I need and nothing more

Upon my head a wig as black as night
Upon my breast a corset with strings pulled tight
From waist to knees a skirt that fluffs out just right
There’s war-like painting upon my eyes
Successful turning into the “Princess of Lies”

Donned up in ribbons and bows
Not any likeness of me from my head to my toes

Too soon this costume has reached it’s limit
And I’m changed faster than a New York minute

Black hair is no longer a mile in length
Lab coat and medipack donned to show strength
Chest bound behind my vest
Around my arms each: the medical crest.
“The Medic” is to what I’ve come to be addressed.

Donned in blouse and coat as white as snows
Not a likeness of me from my head to my toes

Yet still you find me
Yet still you cherish me
Whether I am girl or boy
And that, my dear, is the greatest joy


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