In My Head


If my brain were a tongue twister
It would throw you for a loop
You couldn't navigate it even with a map
Pointing to the constellations of nerve synapses
Every pathway is a fork in the road
That splits into roots
Watered with each idea or
Is slower when I think
Always faster when I forget to breathe
But I love the adrenaline
And I kick my heels up to the sky
Because imagination is not just for children
And the old doubt
So I can doubt
When I feel something I really fall
Like man, my stomach is an elevator
And every emotion makes me sink or rise
Like an endless wave
But my thoughts make feelings
Crash to the shore
Because I don't want to spend a dime
If I can't receive a quarter
And maybe that makes me hollow
But it also just makes me defensive
Of every thud of my heart against my rib cage
Even when my lungs scream for air underwater
I am always electric with songs
Pulsing in my head
That throw a fit if I don't
Fit them on a piece of paper
To share with a friend
A dear, friend
Who gets lost in the crowd
But always manages to give me directions
To the store with the nearest sale
And boy does my brain ache for a lullaby
Some sort of soft romance
That archs like a summer morning
But I'm okay if it plummets me back to Earth
Because even if I tickle a star
Or he takes me to the moon
Then I know that my defenses are down
And for one fleeting moment
My brain doesn't tick
-There's silence-
Just clockwork winding down
And I'll fade to sleep
Once the world promises me
That it knows my story
Or at least wasn't blinking
When I made my last stand
And when the Maker comes to get me
Well I don't know who he, she, it is
But I'll tell them to take a walk in my brain
And maybe, if you're lucky
One of these pathways will lead them
Back to you


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