My Generation


    My generation is full of ignorance and non-sense. Am i really apart of this? Our vocabulary is full of "Or Nah" and "Turn Up" while we should be learning new words such as "ostentatious" or is that just too much. Technology is sneakily creeping to take over our souls, when all i can remember is playing outside and jumping over holes. We are supposed to be 17 and 18, but act like our shoes size, its a disease under the name of immaturity. Luckiy, I and a few were too smart to catch it, but we are subjected to be around it while they can never learn their lesson. Teens have the rep of only caring about sex and drugs, while others try to be wanna be thugs. Our reputation causes adults to look down and disrespect us, because they think we are all alike and just fuss. We want to be treated as young adults, but we are to full of ignorance to let that title become us. Ladies and gentlemen i give you my generation. The ones that sit on their phones and try to get "faded".    


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