My Gemini

You were never my motivation
I never had the ambition to help you If I made it.
It sickens me how you try to sit here and act like the world's greatest,
But you're just a second rate night I wish my mom never dated.

You weren't there ,
But now that you see I have my head on straight you care.
It's funny to me
that you want to be called daddy you dead beat.
You're not even a man ,just a mere carbon copy of what should be.You're so messed up that I bet you think it's OK to just walk out of my life. You know, sometimes I wonder is it something I wasn't doing right. But. I realized didn't have a daddy because you were too busy playing father in someone else's kids life. So daddy dearest let's take a moment and reminisce. Remember the time I lost my first tooth, when I got in my first fight. Remember when I learned how to ride my first bike. I remember falling off and scraping my knee but it wasn't your face I remember comforting me. Do you remember now, or do I have to jog your memory. Don't worry "DADDY" I plenty more stories. The sad thing is you probably won't remember because you didn't really care to be there. But now you want to walk around like your some father of the year. You so much of a coward that you let a woman take care of kids that she didn't make by herself. While you were out ther spreading the wealth. You know you are not a man just a shadow of what should be. I remember everybody saying girl you look just like you daddy. Funny thing is I don't know what that word means. Like come on you lived 10 minutes away you couldn't come and speak. You are pathetic and I hate that I have some of your DNA in me. Excuse my language but I'm not going to be treated like a sideline hoe. The one you throw money at and that's suppose to fill the hole. The one you hid to the world because she's nothing but a good time girl. You are kind of like god, you don't see him but you know he exist. Every time I think of you, you resemble a pimp. You see he has all these women calling him daddy but in all honesty your still the bitch. I think you should be castrated. You act like a puss anyway, I guess that's how you know we're related. Mommas baby daddy maybe. I was yours if I was in the news paper or if I graduated. But I don't hate you because without you there's no me.

So take a bow daddy you truly are a perm donor of the year. Instead I'd being like most deadbeats you actually showed up and then disappeared. So you know I went through more than other little kids because they didn't have to worry about getting their hearts ripped to pieces time and time again
You say you love but actions don't lie
Don't worry daddy you'll always be "My Gemini"

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