My Fortress

It doesn't matter come rain, snow, sleet, or hail.

My fortress will withstand any weather.

Made of the finest in protective materials,

My fortress cannot be bothered.


Some days that material is ice,

As cold and hard as my heart.

Other days it's hard, steel-like gneiss,

that under any circumstances refuses to part.


My fortress protects the things that matter most to me,

My heart, my mind, and my soul.

Locked inside, with as far as I can see,

I am protected, nothing can touch me, not when I have my goal.


Protect others, and help them build their fortress.

That way, they can be as strong as I am.

Together we can beat the odds and feel the importance

of our own lives; I have seen fortresses scram.


But whenever I try to help, they bite at my fortress.

They find their way in, and every single time I'm helpless.

I have no power, I am no goddess,

and in the end, I am once again friendless.


So my fortress is kept off from everyone who's hurt,

Everyone who's done wrong, everyone who deserves pain.

My heart, still wounded, will still blurt,

"They deserve a second chance, they've also felt the pain!"


But my mind knows better.

After all, if they don't want a chance, why should they get this letter?


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