My first man


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(poems go here) My Frist Man
so there we are hiding everything from every one
I don't know why are we ashamed or maybe its just you
if its just you,then we should just stay away from each other
i know its going to hurt when you're away or maybe not
because i was in pain,even though we were together
this is life and no one is worth my tears,or my smile,or even my broken heart
and here we are ,your with her,and its like nothing ever happened
there you are trying to spend all your time with here
and when you were with me,you were waiting for the second to end so you can leave
why did you make me spend all my
time with someone who cared less about me
i regret for every second,minute,hour,day,week,month,and even years
her i am all alone
spending the day of our anniversary all by myself
and you were avery think i ever wanted in my life
and i swear i wrote this with tears in my eyes. my first and last man i ever wanted!!!!



i worked hard on this poem

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