My First Love by Glena M. Waterhouse

When I was a child,

     much too young to understand,

     I had a friend, 

     He said His name was, "Jesus."

He followed me

     wherever I went.

He protected me

     from the harsh cruelties that envelope man.

When the lights went out,

     and I became afraid,

     He comforted me

     by assuring me all was well,

     and most of all, that I was deeply loved.

He even told me that no matter what,

     He would always be with me,

     and help me choose the right way

     on which to walk the valley of life.

Then, one morning,

     when I awoke,

     I didn't feel his presence.

I seemed to have grown up a lot

     from when we first met.

My innocence was gone

     in place was a rebellious teen.

I went through the day,



               laying in the sun.

But deep within, 

     I felt a hole,

          I was lost.

And when the lights out,

     I became afraid.

     I cried out,

     "Jesus, where are You? I need You!"

And then I felt Him

     as I did many days before/

     He told me, "You're never alone,

     I am with you and I love you."

He kept His promise,

     of my childhood days,

     even up until now.

I can feel His presence in my soul,

and I can feel Him loving me in my heart.

Thank You Jesus,

I love You.


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