My Fear My Race

I’ve been fighting for years. To overcome certain fears. That aren’t only mines but also have my mother in tears. To believe that I am black. And one day when I leave the house I may never come back. To think one day everything can go off track. I can be walking down the street and hear bam. Should I really be this scared of who I am. Me myself and I. The menace in the justice systems eye. Even though I’d never lie. My future doesn’t seem as bright. No I don’t think that’s right. But looking at my options everything seems tight. And even though everyday is a fight. As long as I don’t hear that gun cock my life is still on the clock. Should I be mad or glad. Because surviving another day is great. Something I’ll always appreciate. Hopefully whatever the future brings is worth the wait. Conquering this fear has always been a dream. Life has always been mean. But with going to college I can finally escape. I’ll naturally be great with no assist. And after I graduate high school it’ll feel as if my fear never really did exist.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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