my favourite drama

after a long time
I stopped all my absurd crime
i cleaned my wardrobe
eventhough it was not an important one for the globe
I found a CD caste
I thought of doing it a taste
i fed it to my computer system
oh! it must be the oldest drama to see
it is the funniest movie for glee
tears came from eyes not because of melancholy
it was all because of my merry
fun overwhelming cuteness overloading
innocence alone completely blowing
that child don't know to whine or Greeze people in a fake way
"all these days where this caste laid?"
that was my only question
oh the movie is non other than
my childhood video
took by my mom's homemade studio
at last just i need to tell a phrase
one who laugh at their childhood live a peaceful life
while who cry at it
live a detested life

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My family
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