My favorite place.

We’re sitting there drinking coffee in my favorite place

It’s raining but it doesn’t feel like it

You just said something beautiful

I wish your eyes didn’t look so cynical 

My whole world is sitting at this table

But it’s old and cracking

There is a brilliantly orange elephant painting

Elephants never forget, not even smells

How tragic it would be

To memorize your smell even when you’re gone

It’s pouring and it's starting to feel like it

An old man waddles in

Somehow he’s not wet

He orders a cup of jack “as black as his soul”

His swollen knuckles shake and crumble

The coffee sears on his skin and I jump in surprise

Oh darling don’t you worry, it aint your fault

I always hurt myself

No one can hurt me more than I hurt me

His hand is red and my face is flushed

I hope you never cry from breaking your own heart

To fail yourself, you feel it in your core

He’s out of my life and I sit at my least favorite place

Its calm but it feels like a storm

You just said something cynical

God I wish your eyes didn’t look beautiful

Maybe then my whole world wouldn’t be at this table

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Our world
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