My Father, the Soldier


It is okay for people to stand up for those who do not stand up for themselves
Some people might say otherwise
But it is.
It is okay to fight for what you believe in
Pacifists would beg to differ
But it is.
It is okay to help others when no reward is given in return
It is okay to teach others, who have not received the education you have,
On the dangers of burning their own feces.
It is okay to supply these same people with an appropriate source of fuel.
It is okay to help a country when others say that country should just help itself,
Because you know that the citizens of that country have had no say in what their country does.
My father is a Soldier.
His is a Master Sergeant.
He supports his family, and one year he helped hundreds of families overseas,
In Afghanistan.
He was not there for me that year that he was there for them.
He was not there for me when I turned on the news to see people protesting on the graves of his brothers
Trying to tell me that my father is not important
That he does more damage than he takes away.
But it is okay.
I was home, safe, comfortable, and happy.
He was there, helping those who were not.
It is okay to have ‘war
I know that my father saved lives.


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