My Fate

As I age on, I'm finally able to see

My dreams are no longer what they use to be, because of the value that grows on trees.

I struggle in disbelief, because the world has brought us to our knees


without even knowing it

we show it

Everyday we scrape up change

Everyday we walk the streets

Everyday we pick on "Geeks" 

because they're who we wish to be.

It's heavy on the heart I know, but sometimes you just have to let it flow

and understand as the day grows old, that there's no control on the

Heart, mind, body, and soul.


Which is something we'll never say again, because we're so hell-bent on "sticking it" to the man.


is what we need


is what we have.

However, in the end, when the sun goes down


is what we receive


Caught up in a world of irrelevant shrieks vs. Wise Whispers

I think back to those Winter nights in the month of December


Calm, cool, soothing instrumentals of nature

Maybe THIS land of the "free", isn't the home for me.



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