My Evil Twin


My evil twin shares my name, my brain, and my looks,

He turns my clean thoughts into well-written dramas,

Every move I make, is my twins chance to take,

When I breathe out, he breathes out as if we're one in the same,

My evil twin throws dirt that much be cleaned off on my body any chance he gets,

He forces me to follow a numerical hell,

A hell that will forever be deemed awkward in a hellish life of perfection,

Perfection that would force Elon Musk to feel inadequate,

Perfection that would make him need to remind me of everything I've said,

making me question everything in life as if he is a political oppponent to my campaign

My evil twin, he calls to me now, and today, I convert my evil twin,

Every fear, every scream, every "near-death" experience he screams at me,

I will convert to love and peace,

I will charm those I am scared of,

I will make mistakes an infant could not accept,

I will embrace the randomness of life,

And I will wash myself in the dirt he throws at me,

My evil twin,

Today is when you and I no longer differ.




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