My Enigmatic Addiction

I cannot place my finger on exactly why I miss you.
All I know is that I do.
And I should not because I know for certain you don’t care.
The best days are when I spend without thinking about you.
Out of mind, out of sight? I love it when it comes to you.
But then I see you and my great China wall comes down.
It crumbles down so hard I swear the entire world trembles at the force of its fall.

A man has to have an addiction.
Why does mine has to be you?
You piss me off, you never listen to me and sometimes I just hate you.
I hate you because I am addicted to you.
I hate the sound of your laughter in my ears,
The feel of your hands in mine,
The sensation your eyes bring out in me,
I hate it all. I hate it so much that I just can’t get enough of it.

But maybe that is because I enjoy your company so much.
Should I conclude you feel the same since we spend so much time together?
But then you grow a skin of nails and call it tough love.
What am I supposed to do with it? Tenderize it with a mallet?
Why am I tough with all but you?

But I’ll tell you what,
A man has to have an addiction.
And enigmatic as you might be,
I am glad that you are mine.
And I know you will answer in the negative when I ask you,
But that’s OK because I miss you.
I miss you as much as you don’t miss me.

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