My End is Your Beginning


United States
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I remember when I gave my heart away
You struck me as lovely, brought me back from the grave.
I told you my secrets
You said you would keep them
I believed it.
We grew close together, knew the most about the other
I loved you more than I love my own mother.
You pulled me in, our life of love was great
Until you pushed away, what a terrible day
Full of heartbreak, thinking of the hate
That I felt towards myself.
I needed your help,
I still need you, you have every bit of my heart.
You never wanted it, I fell apart.
Although you hurt me I still believed
You would love me eventually.
That day never came. Should I be surprised?
You leave me behind.
I'm not that important, like you said;
Forget all the memories, here comes the end.

In a few years you'll be reading the news
You see in the obituary a name you once knew.
You can't quite remember
The last time you seen her
So you put down the paper and go on with your day.
Later you realize and fall down to cry.
Such beautiful drowning eyes.
Remember what I told you some time ago
Keep your head held high,
Don't let your tears show.
Inside you regret what you said
And the things you never did.
All the dreams we once had are dead?
Were they ever alive?
Don't dwell on the loss love
Look forward to the days
But don't forget who left who,
Have fun changing your ways.



this is beautiful,, you are very talented i loved this poem it spoke to me in a different way, the way your literations go together an the enigma in the end is spectacular ,, this poem is gorgeous goood job:)


thank you so much! that's awesome :)

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