In my dreams

Tue, 07/09/2019 - 17:01 -- daisys

In my dreams, I run my long, thin fingers through your caramel colored hair. 

The prettiest shade there is.

And, I laugh because my words come out perfectly.

They come out so perfect that my tongue rolls and words slip.

So then, I have to cover my mouth from the laughter I unexplainingly feel.

In my dreams, I walked up to you when your smile almost split open from so much happiness.

You were right, I liked you.

In my dreams, we shared secrets smiles the next day during lunch. 

You walked past my table with a sly smile and eyes wrinkled from the corners like yesterday.

In my dreams, that man that haunted my dreams three years ago didn’t appear suddenly when I thought about approaching you.

In my dreams, the stupidest things never bothered me or made me cry.

In my dreams, you would approach me at least once.

Because in my dreams, there’s complete reciprocity. 

I give and you give.

But dreams, they only last a few seconds or minutes at a time. 

In my dreams, you would come up behind me and tap me on the shoulder. 

You wouldn’t leave me with all of the work.

In my dreams, you wouldn’t have those high expectations.

Because in my dreams, you are more. 

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My community
My country
Our world
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