MY Dreams


Sitting here in a stupor,

what rhymes with stupor?

I'm just not a words kind of guy.


I am one of those folks

who appreciates the jazzy notes

of a saxophone or a trumpet on a stage.


I'm also very visual,

I like to feel the smooth

flow of pencil or a pen,


along the top of a canvas,

my only demand is

that there be some music to guide my hand. 


I was never good with words,

it just seems so absurd

to try to rhyme and write poetry on demand.


It makes more sense to me

to listen to the revelie

of some trumpets or guitars in a band,


and a lot more straightforward

are the colors of a palette board

about to paint the sky and/or the sea. 


I do appreciate

some of the greats

like Edgar Allen Poe, Da Vinci, or Chopin.


"Words are just not my style", 

I say with a smile;

I STILL prefer the sound of a band.


Im not that linguistic,

I'm MUCH more artistic

in the musical or the visual sense.


I'm so good in fact

that with little tact

I'll rival even the greats!


After attending a university

I'll have my master's degree

and I'll be a cool teacher at some big school.


I'll make all the students joyous

as we strike up a chorus

or just paint our troubles away. 


My only problem being

is that i dont have enough green

to pay for my education all the way. 


I have to rely on

the state to supply all

my tuition every year.


Although I am very grateful

it just wont be able

to finance my all of my fees. 


I apply for scholarships

in the hope that they will equip

me with the means to get my degree,


and, hopefully, the more I apply,

I will not be denied

access to my wildest dreams.


Someone out there

has just got to care

and give this poor sucker some green.



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