My dream

Tue, 08/24/2021 - 13:45 -- Sam871

This world has been corrupted

and it's people lives has been interrupted

cause greed and selfishness invaded their hearts

and seized their wills and blinded their sights

and rotted their souls to the core

and made them forget what they're living for

and neglect what's necessary to be made

and let all rights and principles to fade.

they became drunk of power and money

when they look from outside sane

but inside they lust for it

desperate they are, by any means whether licit or illicit.

I always fell pain

when i think that out there people only care about money and gain

but i always hope

that someday people might change

I know this sounds dope

and it better be at a world wide range

so it cleanses our hearts and souls

so we can get out of this terrible life-sucking hole.

the more indulved we get

the more we approach it's abyss

then, your fate would have already been set

cause not so many are as lucky as alice

so look after yourself and beware

even if you were lucky to get out, next time, there won't be a life for you to spare

but i still hope for people to get together

no matter, what race, color or gender having the back of each other forever

that what i long most for

 my ultimate wish which i couldn't ignore


This poem is about: 
Our world


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